1. Airports are your favorite place to be, because you know a journey is around the corner.


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2.The only time you have money in your bank account is when you are saving for the next trip.

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3. You have at least one picture of your favorite destination in your flat somewhere (if not many more).

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4. Seeing your backpack makes you smile.

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5. Your social media channels are filled with travel sites.

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6. You’ve learned the hard way what it means to sleep uncomfortable as f.

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7. For others a passport is a functional instrument, for you it is sacred.

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8. You’re prepared and ready to go

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9. You have coins from more countries than the average bank.

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10. You are often daydreaming of where you will go next.

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11. Your bucket list is constantly changing because there is so much to do.

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12. Your travel journal is your most valuable possession.

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13. You can never get enough of international cuisine.

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14. Last, but most important: You can ask for the toilette in a gorrilion different languages.

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