In the heart of Berlins Friedrichshain you can find Aunt Benny, a small café specialized in Canadian classics and creates an atmosphere of the owners homeland.

Muffins, Banana Bread, bagels and home-made cheesecake best served with a nice cup of coffee or fresh tea – Aunt Benny invites you to greatly enjoy your meal. Not only the atmosphere is really special, but also the owners, Julia and Kyla are highlights of this place. We liked the peppermint tea there best, but you can also have great soups or panini’s there. The place is open for brunch, lunch and drinks every day of the week. There is an array of baked goods – all of them “music to your mouth”. They truly have such great things to offer, that is worth coming back.



Oderstr. 7, Enter Jessnerstraße, 10247 Berlin, Germany


+49 30 66405300