Ready? Let’s go!

Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard quit their jobs to go big by going tiny.

The two built a tiny house with less than 12m2 onto their trailer, attached it to a pickup truck and started travelling. This is definatley easier said than done, the project took more than 1000 hours, needed more thank 6 500 nails and summed up to 29 328 dollars. In an interview about their Trip the couple explaines: “We enjoy the new freedom this lifestyle has afforded us. We get to travel all over the country and go on new adventures almost daily. We work online and from the road. North America is our backyard!” In the past five months the couple drove for almost 17 000km while travelling through 25 states, parts of Canada and Alaska



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The key to living in a tiny house is using all the space. As you can see here the shelves are used as stairs and the chalkboard functions as a table.

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