No matter if you love your coffee as a smooth lattè, classic cappuccino with an extra foamy top, with special seasonal syrup or just straight up black – we have the perfect places for you to get your daily caffeinated beverages when exploring the amazing city that is Brussels.


1. Aksum Coffee House

The smell of freshly roasted coffee right when you enter this coffee shop will make your coffee-loving heart skip a beat. This authentic little coffee house close to Grand Place serves the city’s finest Ethiopian coffees roasted right on the premises. The selection of different kinds of coffee is exquisite and reaches from strong, to sweet, to sturdy to chocolatey. Moreover, there’s a great variety of teas and other authentic Ethiopian beverages you can enjoy while looking at exhibitions on the walls by talented African artists.


 Photo credit: Aksum Coffee House, Blackbird in Brussels

2. Cook & Book

A little bit further out of the city centre but definitely worth a visit. Cook & Book is an extraordinary place inviting you to great coffee (and food!) while walking through themed rooms filled with books and music. Located next to a big shopping mall, it’s the perfect place to unwind and relax. Whether you look for comics, music, cook books, travel guides, classics, novels or non-fiction – Cook & Book is a great place to roam around and enjoy a cup of coffee or two.



Photo credit: Cook & Book

3. Arcadi

Now, this is for those who enjoy a piece of cake sent straight from heaven with that nice cup of coffee. Right when walking up to this little treasure you will see the amazing selection of pies and cakes in the window inviting you to take a seat. No matter whether you are a chocolate-lover, cheesecake-fan or fruit-monster, there is something for everyone. And not only the sweet delights are special about this place close to Grand Place. Arcadi is also filled with cool art and vintage post cards from all over the world, putting an international twist to this little coffee-cake-heaven right here on earth.



Photo credit: Visit Brussels

4. Coffee Roasters OR Espresso Bar

Coffee Roasters is for those among you that are looking for a little coffee break after visiting the area around the European Institutions and Parc du Cinquantenaire. Right around the corner of the European Parliament, at Place Jourdan, you will find this really cool and hipster coffee shop with an unique interior design. This place especially values good quality of coffee as well as fair trade, and offers coffee workshops for those among you who worship those beans as much as they do.


Photo credit: Coffee Roasters OR Espresso Bar

5. Café Belga

This place located at Place Eugène Flagey is definitely one of the hot spots of the city. It’s a great place for getting coffee after visiting the farmers market at Flagey while enjoying the view of lake Ètang d’Ixelles. And if you decide to stay a bit longer in the artsy area (which is definitely worth it) Café Belga transforms into a buzzing bar when the sun goes down, offering a wide range of great Belgian beers and cool music while enjoying the Brussels lifestyle.


Photo credit: Best of Brussels
Featured Image: Shutterstock