The legendary Harry’s Bar is one of Venice’s most visited places. Some may say it that it is a tourist trap, but its history and legend makes the Harry’s Bar a spectacular place. There are not many bars or restaurants that have invented both their own signature cocktails and signature dishes.

The “Bellini”, a cocktail made of peaches and prosecco was invented at this very bar and is one of the best drinks I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. The famous “Carpaccio” was also invented at the Harry’s Bar, attracting many tourists, but also locals. The food is famously delicious and it will leave you wanting more.

The atmosphere is very pleasant, however due to the many tourists the service can sometimes be quite rushed and seemingly unpleasant. This should not be a reason to avoid this place, but only a factor to take into account when the restaurant is busy.

Due to the many visitors and the bars popularity, the prices have shot up over the past years, however, it is definitely worth a visit, even if it is just for a quick Bellini.

If this venue is too expensive or completely packed with tourists, a great alternative would be “La Vecchia Carampana” (Sestiere San Polo, 1911, 30125 Venezia, Italy –+39 041 524 0165), one of the best restaurants in town, without the hassle that has sadly struck the Harry’s Bar.



Calle Vallaresso, 1323

30124 Venezia, Italy



+39 (0) 41 528 5777