The Hoxton hotel is situated in Shoreditch, one of the up-and-coming, hip areas of London. It is a cool and cheap hotel with a very friendly staff.

The rooms are small and extremely cosy and and stylish. The stunning hand-etched art on the walls creates a very cool and modern atmosphere. This hip hotel also offers larger rooms, which can be used for meetings, parties and as an area to relax after a busy day in the vibrant Shoreditch neighborhood.

Music, art, food and culture all find a way to the Hoxton Hotel for your entertainment. If you are too comfortable to leave the hotel, Hoxton brings the entertainment to you by organizing weekly events. Whether you are up for breakfast, brunch or a drink at any time of the day (until 2am!) the Hoxton Grill has got your needs covered.




81 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU


+44 20 7550 1000