Papa Joe’s Jazzlokal is a local legend. The entry is free, the beer slightly more expensive than elsewhere, yet this is the place to be if you love jazz. The jazz played here varies from traditional to contemporary attracting many different kinds of people. It is a very fun place with great music, but don’t expect a great party, as many of the guests are older solely coming to enjoy the music, not the company.

The Jazzlokal is situated right by the Rhein, directly under the “Altstadt” (old town). A great place to feel a funky vibe and grab a good beer. If you are a cleanliness freak then be warned- this is not the cleanest place, with dust from over 20 years ago, but that is all part of the experience and makes the place authentic.


Buttermarkt 37, 50667 Köln, Germany


+49 221 2577931