These are some of the most extraordinary cities in the world, that you absolutely must see in your lifetime! From culturally rich histories to beautiful architecture and delicious food all these cities have something special to offer.


10. Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon19166Lisbon has everything you would want in a vacation destination- sun, sea, atmosphere and charm. From colorful neighborhoods to the massive Moorish Castle of St. George over looking the city Lisbon has something special for everyone.


9. Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala antigua-guatemala-1 This beautiful city can only be described as unique. The magic comes from the ruins of old colonial churches and monasteries, and the bohemian style cafés lining the streets. There are also 3 volcanoes surrounding the city that dominate the skyline and leave tourist and locals alike in awe.


8. Dubrovnik, Croatia DBV_01This walled seaside town is a jewel of the Adriatic, its Old City is a World Heritage Site and has some of the most pristine beaches in all of Europe.


7. Luxor, Egypt sunrise-in-karnak-temple-luxor-egypt-1600x1065 This city is a history lovers delight. Located on the banks of the Nile River it is one of Egypt’s most spectacular ancient cities due to its proximity with Karnak, Thebes, and the Valley of the Kings. A true marvel of the ancient world.


6.Venice, Italy Venice-(Italy)-1Venice is one-of-a-kind and easily one of the most recognizable cities, from its vast canals, beautiful basilicas, its cozy wine bars and colorful homes. It is an enchanting city!


5. Marrakech, Morocco  darragh-mason-field-marrakech-morocco-featured

Entering the vibrant medina of Marrakech is not something that is easily forgotten. Everywhere you go you encounter dynamic colors, architecture and food- so give yourself a day to wander around and get lost in the maze-like corridors, you’ll be sure to discover something amazing.


4. Kathmandu, Nepal Nepal_-_Kathmandu_-_Bodhnath_panorama Kathmandu is one of the most colorful cities in the world and serves as a gateway to the majestic Himalayas. Everywhere you go in this city you will see a mixture of sadhus, saffron-robed monks, and the typical prayer flags, which makes the eclectic charm and culture irresistible.


3. Berlin, Germany 446784_berlin_berlin_germany_germaniya_berliner_2048x1344_( Berlin is the unofficial cool capital of the world with its legendary nightlife and booming restaurant scene. It is one of the most vibrant places to go in modern Europe.


2. Kyoto, Japan

ninnaji_temple_-_kyoto_japanKyoto is the former Imperial Capital of Japan and was historically known as the “City of Ten Thousand Shrines”- and it lives up to that nickname, there are so many wonderful shrines, gardens, tea-houses and castles to explore.


1. Istanbul, Turkey

3-Visit-some-of-the-most-beautiful-mosques-Istanbul-has-to-offer.-Photo-by-paradiseintheworld.com_This is where the East meets the West. This city’s long history gives it is charm, from grand mosques and churches to the amazing coffee and food, not to mention the bazaars- Istanbul is at the top of our list! And at the end of a long day of sightseeing be sure to take a break in some of the most luxurious bathhouses in the world.