1) Airplane Apartment (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, North Holland, Netherlands)


KLM in cooperation with Airbnb are offering an extraordinary accommodation on board one of their jets. Among the few “house” rules are “No marshmallow roasting with the jet engines”,  “Please water our plants and feed our fish” and “Please treat our plane like you treat your own plane.”

2) Train Caboose (Agoura Hills, CA)


This cozy studio used to be linked to the back of freight trains and accommodate the train crew. The simple shelter of those days has vanished completley and been replaced by a luxurious rural getaway.

3) 200-Year-Old Church (Athenry, Galway, Ireland)

In the need of a few quiet days? This two bedroom home in an old church of Ireland Chapel, built in 1808, is bound to take all your stress away.

4) Cubehouse (Rotterdam, Netherlands)


This architectonic masterpiece is one of Piet Bloms famous cubic houses built in the 1970s. The 54.7 degree angle of all windows offer an amazing view of the surroundings. Having three levels inside, the house provides enough space for two bedrooms and a livingroom.

5) Igloo Village (Plagne Mâcot-la-Plagne, Rhone-Alpes, France)


Bored of normal hotel rooms? This extravagant accommodation at an altitude of 2118 Meters facing the beautiful swiss skiresort Mont Blanc La Plagne should keep you excited.

6) Nanuku Levu (Fiji)


Yes it’s true, for just $500 a night you can rent your own island 25 kilometers from the next “neighbour”. The 10 acre paradise has amazing things to offer from exotic animals to hundred year old trees and turquoise sea.

7) Conroy’s Old Bar (Aglish Co, Tipperary, Ireland)


Conroy’s Old Bar was the worlds first “Self-Catering-Pub” and regardless of it’s transformation to a cozy accommodation it has kept all of its charm and charakter.

8) School (Groningen, Netherlands)


Ever feel nostalgic about your days at school? This Accommodation in a School in Groningen will take you right back! Besides great memories it has two roof teraces and is rentable for 10 people for just $147 a night.

9) The Seashell House (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)


This uniqe house was built in 1994 by architect Eduardo Ocampo and his wife. The grounds are sunbathed and have an amazing view of the carribean in the distance.

10) Tipis on a Farm (Meitar, Israel)


Eventhough located in the desert of Israel these tipis create a genuine American west feeling. Despite their simple looks these tipis are well equiped with heating, beds and saftey measures.